Easter Scavenger Hunt

We’re so glad you’re joining us on a fun, safe (socially distanced), community focused scavenger hunt.

We wanted to have an Easter Egg Hunt but we were forced to cancel. You can’t fool the Easter Bunny; we have a workaround!

The CLCA is proud to present our non-contact Easter Scavenger Hunt!

How does it work?

The first clues will be posted on the event page on Friday April 10 at Noon. Decode the clue to figure out where in the community the hunt starts! When you’re ready, take a walk or drive over to that location to find your next clue. Each clue takes you to a new location and at each clue you’ll also find a letter. Write down the letter at each of the clues to reveal your secret code! Enter your code online for a chance to win a pizza party for your family! When you enter the code you’ll also receive a chance at a bonus entry. The clues will be posted around the community from Noon on Friday to Noon on Monday.

There are two levels of clue. Easy clues mostly use pictures to indicate locations. The more challenging level uses codes and riddles. The codes are posted on the clue, just bring a notepad to decode! The easy and hard course do not follow the same path, so if you’re choosing the more challenging one you can’t cheat off the easy! Easy clues are marked with a purple letter and hard clues are marked with red, so you’ll know which one is for you!

The course comes in at just under 3km long, but there is no requirement for you to do it all in one go. As long as you know where you’re going next you can come and go as you please until you’ve collected all the letters.

This interactive map will be handy to have on your phone: https://legacylife.ca/discover-legacy/