Halloween Contests - 2020


Trick-or-treating may look different this year  — but we’ve  plenty of safe, creative ideas in the works and can’t wait to celebrate with you in many ways! ALL ENTRIES DUE 11:59 PM (MST) on October 31st, 2020 – we will select and notify winners by November 4, 2020.

Ready to step up your pumpkin carving game and go all in on a more difficult design? Tired of the standard toothy grin and triangle eyes? Here are some tips to get started. And once you’ve mastered the craft, submit your entry to the Legacy Community Association’s pumpkin carving contest.

What you’ll need:

-Carving tools (find them on Amazon by searching “pumpkin carving kit” for about $25, or check out any store with a Halloween section).
-An image you want to use. Be creative! When you’re starting out, look for images that are black (pumpkin surface) and white (carved out).
-A pumpkin with a nice flat surface (look for one that doesn’t have deep ridges, as these make it harder to carve details).
-Patience and lots of time, this isn’t a quick task.  

What to do:

Detailed pumpkin carving is an art, but that doesn’t mean you need to be an artist. In fact, this is an excellent project for any Halloween lover.  

First, empty your pumpkin. It is much easier to carve details into a thinner pumpkin, so make sure you create a fairly thin, smooth surface on the inside of the carving side. Next, transfer your image onto your pumpkin. 1) If you are a gifted artist, freehand draw the image on your pumpkin. 2) tape your printed image onto the pumpkin and use a toothpick or the pumpkin poker tool to “trace” the lines my pressing dots into the pumpkin through the paper. Remove the paper and connect the docs to create your image. Or 3) if you’re lucky and own a projector, project your image directly in the pumpkin and trace it.

Next, start carving. Use the small carving tool for small areas, and the large tool for larger areas. Follow your lines closely, and generally, work from the middle towards the outside, starting with small sections then moving to larger sections. If you carve the outside first, by the time you get to the inside, it will be hard to put enough pressure on the pumpkin to carve it. Figuring out which piece to cut next is both art and science, and takes time to learn.

 Snap a picture and share it in the form on this page.

FUN TIP: Consider roasting the seeds for a late night snack (https://www.inspiredtaste.net/35546/easy-roasted-pumpkin-seeds-recipe).

Check out these links for more information!


In this contest, your challenge is having the spookiest home décor for halloween! Take a picture at night.

In this contest, your challenge is having the best Halloween themed, family friendly home décor for halloween! Take a picture at night.

This is open by age category, and the goal is having the best costume of 2020!

Your pets – whether they be furry, slimy, or scaly – should enter this contest for the spookiest pet of 2020!

(maximum 1 entry per contest per person, who is a resident of Legacy)

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