Halloween Trick-or-treating Map

The Calgary Legacy Community Association looks forward to helping you have a safe and fun Halloween this year!

As is our tradition, we will host a map of the different types of houses you can explore (by types of treats, dog-friendly, adult treat friendly). We also have contests and a scavenger hunt.

Please register, and check back often! When you’re ready to enter a contest, the form is now available too!

Trick or Treating is at your own risk. The map is provided as a courtesy to display households that have agreed to COVID-19 safe practices for trick or treating.

Halloween 2021 – Register!
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Cool! We can make sure you show up in the right place. Go here and type a nearby address (e.g. 47 Legacy View SE Calgary) and then click where your house SHOULD be on the map. It will give you two numbers – a latitude and longitude. We can use that to put you on the map!
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(We ask you to protect our community – registering on the map means agreeing to keep precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID – and following any local health guidelines)

Coming soon! (our fingers are crossed for the week of the 18th!)

Halloween Contest 2021
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The map will be live on October 29!