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Storefront Business Directory - Enrolment

Small Business Directory Database

Application Pre-requisites

Non-storefront Small Business *
Storefront Business *
Small Business: Before proceeding, please pre-agree to the terms and conditions of using this service. *
Storefront Business: Before proceeding, please pre-agree to the terms and conditions of using this service. *
Small Business: Certification of Residency *
Storefront Business: Certification of Business Location *

Proprietor Information

Please specify the name of the company you are advertising, or trade name you operate under.
Business Type *

Business Details

Please state the operating name of your business. If you are a direct seller of brand-name products, please include the name of the brand you are reselling for followed by a hyphen and then your first name – e.g. “Acme – Janet”)
(This is an administrative requirement and is not displayed on the website unless you include it in your description)
Business Categories *
Select applicable categories for your business. You must select at least one. If you do not feel your business is represented in these categories, please contact us.
Please include comma-separated keywords (up to 10) which describe your business (e.g. “chocolate, chocolates, candy, gifts, confectionary”).
Describe your business in up to 50 words. You may include text, bullet points, and formatting as appropriate (bolding, italicizing, etc.)
Logo Upload (Optional)

Maximum file size: 0.55MB

Your logo must be under 500 kb. It may be a JPG, GIF (no animations will be accepted), or PNG format.

Public Directory Contact Information

You must define at least one form of contact for your business. Please leave fields BLANK if they are not applicable or you do not wish to share them in the directory. Any fields which are completed would be added to your business profile on its approval.
Please do not include the @ symbol.

CLCA Member Perks and Specials

Small Business: CLCA Member Perks
Do you offer and perks or discounts to members of the CLCA? (This does NOT impact eligibility for the directory)
CLCA Member Perks are a requirement for Partnership for storefront businesses. Perks can be a discount to items or services for CLCA members. See terms and conditions for details.
Please describe the perks you offer to active CLCA members, in up to 20 words.

Qualifications and Certifications

Qualifications and Certifications
Do you have any professional qualifications or certifications which you wish to display in the directory?
If applicable, please list any qualifications or certifications you may have (up to 15 words).

Administrative/Office Use

Optionally, you can provide us with additional comments.

Promotional Details

May the CLCA provide a sign for your window for your member discount?
May the CLCA contact you for promotional items/services/gift cards/etc. to be provided for community draws, contests, events, etc.? *
May we provide you a window decal to promote the membership/partnership program?


Age Status *
True and accurate *
Are you a CLCA member (please note this is different than your annual Legacy Residents Association mandatory fees)? (You are not required to be a member at this time, this is for internal tracking purposes only) *
Small Business: Agreement to the (hyperlinked) terms and conditions of using this service. *
Storefront: Agreement to the (hyperlinked) terms and conditions of using this service. *