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building the legacy of a safe, caring, and vibrant community,
where people are connected.

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We want to foster a sense of community pride and spirit by engaging and representing our diverse neighborhood, through partnerships, programs and services, as well as events that brings us all together.

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About the CLCA


We want to foster a sense of community pride and spirit by engaging and representing our diverse neighborhood, through partnerships, programs and services, as well as events that brings us all together.


We are building the legacy of a safe, caring and vibrant community where people are connected.


pride | integrity | diversity | accountability | sustainability

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Our Team



Christy Whyte

Newsletter Director

Ryan Wilson

Programming Director

Evan Hendricks

Advisor, Development

Jose Alvarado


Angela Bliss

Director, Memberships

David Cloutier

IT Director

Obinna Chimaroke

Advisor, Volunteering

Elaine Shaneyfelt


Vanessa Rodrigues

Director of Events

Brianne Van Leeuwen

Communications Director

Janet Burns

Advisor, Events


Vice President

Samantha Wilson

Director at Large

Sarah Peck

Director of Strategic Planning

Frazer Van Roekel

Advisor, Planning & Development

Our board is currently looking to fill the following positions:

  • President/Vice President
  • Advisor of Memberships
  • Advisor of Fundraising

All roles are crucial to the success of the community association. Should you have experience in leadership, fundraising or passionate about any other areas, please reach out to our board at [email protected] to speak with our team.

Our Story

About Us

The CALGARY LEGACY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (CLCA) is a volunteer organization made up of community members representing residents on community programs and initiatives.

Our goal is to get our community members actively engage and involved, facilitating recreational, cultural, social, athletic and educational activities for residents to enjoy, while providing venues and platforms to build community together.

While our intention is to work close to the LRA – Legacy Residents Association, both organizations have a different purpose and serve our community in different areas that complement each other to make LEGACY our timeless living oasis.

Our FOUndation


What is the difference between the Legacy Residents Association (LRA) and the Calgary Legacy Community Association (CLCA)?

While our goal is to work close with the Legacy Residents Association, please note that both organizations have a different purpose and serve our community in different areas that complement each other to make Legacy our timeless living oasis.

Calgary Legacy Community Association (CLCA)

An organization formed by the residents of an area:

  • To support the social, educational and recreational needs of the neighbourhood.
  • To build connections in the neighbourhood through volunteer opportunities, events and programs
  • To act as a community liaison in civic matters (planning and development)
  • The Community Association can support the addition of new facilities and amenities in the neighbourhood.
  • Membership is optional, but your support is key for us to continue delivering events and programs in our community. The CLCA team works hard to give always an added value to its members like business perks, and members VIP status at events.

Legacy Residents Association (LRA)

An organization created with the intent of Augmenting the lifestyle in Legacy.

  • Managing and and maintaining enhanced maintenance within the community, including  enhanced maintenance of amenities in the community such as Entrance features, ponds, boulevards and medians in an increased level from the City of Calgary standards.
  • The Residents Association also enhances the community environment with Christmas lights, temporary skating rinks and the community garden.
  • Each home own signed encumbrances on their titles when purchasing a home agreeing to be part of the residents’ association, this includes all multifamily and single family homes.



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